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I’ve been noticing a lot of new followers here so I want to welcome everyone to my little slice of earth. You’ve come at a good time for a few reasons: I’ve been neglecting my gardens for a while (we won’t go there), and now I’m ready to get back to it; and I’ve been neglecting my blog (we won’t go there either), and now I’m ready to get back to that too!; and I have a beautiful new addition to my outdoor joy. Her name is Finlie and you will be seeing a lot of her helping me in the gardens.

So, this is what’s going on here in Northwest Indiana. It’s been a rough spring around here. We had a lot of flooding and a major levee break on the Kankakee River, actually a few breaks along a 2 or 3 county stretch. The fields are just now drying up, so farmers are only preparing the fields for planting, and only some of them. I hope we have a looong fall. Along with the the excessive rain, the temperatures have been fluctuating between summer and winter ranges, not kidding.  One day it’s sunny and 75, the next it’s snowing, then we get 3 days of 40s and rain. blech!

My flowers are coming up, but they have had a tough time deciding if they should bloom or not. My daffodils sort of bloomed, but were very wilty because we had a frost or two after that…and maybe some snow. They are finally in full bloom and standing tall!

Sheesh, I have to relearn how to move my pictures around. Instead of just a few daffodil pics, you have a variety of views in my yard. My chives are coming up next to my greenhouse and already need a cutting, and the big bare spot in the trees is just a shot of one area I need to work on this year.  A big chunk of the tree fell over in a wind storm last year and the rest is encroaching on my mailbox garden. That will be fixed this year if I have to get the chainsaw out myself and do it.

Thanks for visiting today and come back to see how I’m progressing and maybe I will have learned something to pass on….maybe.



What’s Blooming in my Garden…..


Flower Collage May 2017Double Pink Columbine; May Night Salvia; Allium – The columbine in my yard are all from my mother-in-law. She’s a great flower gardener and she gave me some dried heads from her yard and I just scattered them around. I have several different colors popping up here and there.  The allium is also from her. I love the tall purple flowers of the May Night Salvia, but it smells like a litter box so they don’t cut and put into flower arrangements.

Irises May 2017Irises – I have several varieties of irises in my yard. These are the ones that are blooming right now.  The giant peach one on the right is from my Grandma’s house.

Begonias May 2017White Begonias – These were part of the flowers I picked out for myself for Mother’s Day. They are in a very shady spot, mostly under a bush where not much of anything grows usually. I hope they work out this year.

Pansies 2017Pansies – A gift from my son and his girlfriend for Mother’s Day this year. Thank you, I love them!

Honeysuckle 2017Honeysuckle – It has crawled up the trellis and taken over the corner of my deck. I just love how  this smells.

Amy Roses      May 2017Amy Roses – I’m sure that there a several varieties of roses here, but they all bloom a gorgeous pink. They usually bloom in June, but we’ve had such a mild winter and spring they are early. They are also lasting much longer than usual. I am not complaining one bit.  I call them Amy Roses in memory of my cousin, Amy Rose, whose favorite color was pink.  The blooms were always iffy on these plants until my sweet cousin died in a car accident. Now they bloom like crazy and this year they don’t even have black spot. Thank you Amy Rose for helping my garden grow.

Rhododendron May 2017Rhododendron – This is the best that my rhododendron has done in 18 years here.  I don’t ever recall it having this many flowers and the last few years it has only had a handful. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

20170523_115205I don’t know what this is called. I have never taken the time to look it up, but I just love it! It looks just like grass with little white flowers that bloom. It spreads through the yard, mostly in the shady areas, and when they bloom it looks like I have a field of flowers.

That’s what’s blooming in my garden today. What’s blooming in yours?


Happy Gardening!



A Little Before and After



This is a boring rock “garden” on the side of my house.  Last year I planted succulents there and it looked nice, but still boring.  This year we tore out a pond and I have several pieces of flagstone that I need to find something to do with.  A walking path to the lonely planter of coleus in the back is what I decided on for some of them. I also added a few succulents again.  Unfortunately, they are not perennial here so I have to buy new ones every year.  Here is the after picture. I can’t do too much yet because my husband has to tear some of that up to install gas and electric to his new garage.  I really like how it has turned out so far though.



It’s really hard to see the succulents, but they will grow.  The stone path made such a huge difference though. It’s hard to believe.  I also added a couple of yuccas from another part of  my yard to the top of the wall to make it look more tropical or desert-like.  I think that wall with all the moss growing on it would make a great backdrop for a fairy garden too!  The ideas they are a flowin’ this year!

Happy Gardening!



Early Herbs

So I harvested my  first batch of chives yesterday.  I had two BIG bunches.  I love fresh herbs and I love growing them.  I was a little late with this first batch of chives and they had already flowered.  I hate wasting anything so I pulled out all the flowers and buds and filled two vases.  My daughter told me I couldn’t keep them in the house because it would smell like onions and that wouldn’t be good.  Psssh, what does she know.  At any  rate, the vases are outside on my  deck  and they look great! The picture in the middle doesn’t begin to show how much is actually there. That bucket is a good 10” deep and 14” across.  That’s a lot of chives!

Chive FlowersChives 1st batch 2017Chive Flowers  2 2017

I also planted some of the herbs that I started from seed.  Mostly tarragon and Greek oregano now with some sage and rosemary.


More little plants are waiting to be planted as soon as I have time.  I have also been planting some flowers around, as well as giving some away. More to come on that in another post.

Happy Gardening,




Sneaky Weeds

I was told a long time ago by someone who shall remain nameless, because I have no idea anymore who it was, that weeds grow near plants that they resemble.  This gives them a better chance at survival because you’ll leave them alone believing that they are a plant and not a weed.  I have seen several instances of this in my own gardens, one just a few days ago when I had the opportunity to work outside between rainstorms.  I missed getting pictures of my actual plants, but I’ll show some from the internet.


The picture above on the left is a weed that is very common in my area and in farm fields and it happens to look a whole lot like snapdragon foliage when they are both young.  My husband “helped” me last year and weeded all the flower beds.  I knew it was a bad idea, but it needed to be done and I wasn’t going to get to it.  I now have a bed of these weeds where I used to have snapdragons.

Those, I’m used to and can tell apart with ease now.  The new one that I found looked very much like astilbe foliage.  I got really excited at first because I thought most of my astilbe plants had been fatally mashed into the dirt from being run over.  You see, I had it on a corner of a garden bed next to the driveway and where my kids park their vehicles.  For some reason that corner could not be avoided by one of them.  Even the raised landscaping brick was buried.   Anyway, I was really excited to see several baby astilbes growing when I was working in that area the other day.  Then I found the real thing.  After comparing the two for a good while, I decided that they were not the same and one must be a weed.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have a bunch of babies, but I did find a good number of actual astilbe seedlings so it brought my spirits back up.  The only difference is the astilbe foliage is slightly darker and much more pointy on the leaves

I also have fake strawberry plants.  They look just like strawberry plants, but they aren’t.  I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you that, especially since I don’t have pictures.  Just be aware and always double check what you are about to pull as a weed if you have any doubt.

Seeds Are Ordered

I finally ordered my seeds on March 15. I ordered from RH Shumway this year. I was going to order from Burgess seed company, but I saw so many bad reviews that I changed my mind. It cost about $40 more from this company, but they have a lot of organic seed and a much larger variety so naturally I found more seeds that I wanted. I’m trying a few different things this year. I am not doing onions or potatoes because I didn’t have much luck with either of them last year. I am trying celery for the first time this year.

I ordered a bunch of different herbs so that I can grow some in my herb garden and still have a bunch on my deck in pots. I really missed that last year. I need to buy my seed starter soil and get everything ready for when my seeds arrive, hopefully soon. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


January 13, 2014

Well, I did not do well with this last year.  Probably because I sort of lost interest in my garden, and yard.  Ugh!  My garden actually grew pretty well, but I need to reduce the amount of plants and seeds so that my beds(and myself!) don’t get overwhelmed again.  I was so excited to grow 2 pumpkins to full size.  That was a new feat for me!  I had a ton of onions, but they were all very small.  I only ended up with a few potatoes, also small.  I think I tried to cram too many into too small of a space.  I also had a bumper crop of apples, but they were also small.  I just read an article that says to reduce the bunches to about 3 each so that the apples grow bigger.  Now I know.

I will take the lessons I learned from last year and apply them this year and see how it turns out.  I’m just starting to go through seed catalogs so stay tuned.

Just waiting to be planted...

Just waiting to be planted…


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