Monday–April 29, 2013

Sunny and 70s today.  Didn’t get to work outside. Went fishing instead.  Took a couple pictures of a few of my tulips.



Sunday-April 28, 2013

This morning was rainy and 50s.  It warmed up to mid 60s through the day and the sun finally showed it’s face around 5:00.

The other flowers seeds that I planted yesterday were snapdragons.  Today we made a trip to Menards to get wood for raised beds.  I didn’t want green wood because of all the chemicals so I got 1×8 cedar.  They only had enough for 2 beds so that’s what we got.  We’ll just have to make another trip because I need 6 beds.  The two will be good for now because I need to get my onions and potatoes in along with lettuce, spinach, carrots,etc…

I now have two 10’x4’ raised beds.  Will work on getting them planted this week.

Saturday- April 27, 2013

Today was sunny and 70 F.

I planted seeds for broccoli, cauliflower, thyme, basil, rosemary, and coriander.  I also planted flower seeds for delphinium, coreopsis, and something else that I can’t remember the name of, but I’m too lazy to go back out to the greenhouse and look.  I’ll note it down tomorrow.  I also watered my Goji berry bush which I need to plant and I potted some lemon grass.  When I saw how big it will get I realized that it will have to planted in the yard also, but it’s happy for now.

Everything is tucked away snug in the greenhouse for the night.

Another Adventure

Welcome! to my new blog.  It will be an adventure in gardening.  All of my trials and errors will be scrupulously (or unscrupulously) documented here as a way for me to learn more about gardening.  I’ve always learned best by doing and I generally make a lot of mistakes so it will be a bumpy ride.  I love comments because I learn so much from other bloggers.  Feel free to critique away (or encourage and compliment).  I may or may not take your advice, it’s nothing personal, but don’t we all love a little encouragement to keep us going?  Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again!



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