Tuesday-April 30, 2013

Sunny and 85 today.  Was outside by 7:30 this morning working in the yard.  It was a weeding and pruning day.  I weeded and trimmed dead seed pods and stalks in the front mailbox garden.  I lost 1 mum and had to pull it out and I still need to prune the runners from the lilac.  I cut off the old vine from the morning glory on the split rail fence and pruned the lilac out front.  It had a lot of sprouts and dead wood.  I don’t want it to spread through the yard so I cut all the sprouts off and one had a big chunk of root that came out with it with lots of the little capillary roots so I took it over to Karen’s and planted it.  Her back yard completely burned last year and she asked for a lilac a while back.

I weeded the roses on the west side of the house.  No pruning required.  They have a ton of leaves and new growth this year so I’m very pleased with them.  My attention is paying off.  I found a surprise growing among the weeds and roses, a cilantro plant!

I also weeded the corner where the hydrangea is on the southeast corner of the house and pruned the lilac over there by the deck.

The new Magnolia tree that Sharon gave me last fall is doing well and the leaves just started popping out of the buds today.  John thought it was dead, but what does he know.  He thought I was crazy for nursing the weeping cherry back to life and it’s amazing now!

More tulips are opening up now.  The purple ones up front by the driveway and the black (dark purple) ones in the garden on the back of the house are now open.


The rest of my plants are growing nicely, getting nice and tall and the white hosta is starting to grow a little better.

I need to move some tulip bulbs so that they aren’t interfering with other plants and I need to move the giant peach irises because the lilac by the flower box is so big now that they are underneath it and won’t be able to grow without getting tangled up in it.

In the green house, I watered everything.  I can see the seeds swelling and sprouting for the broccoli and cauliflower that I just planted.  The watering must have uncovered them, but they should be fine.  No tomato or herb sprouts yet and no flower sprouts yet.  I prepared some more peat pots for seeds, but didn’t get them planted yet.

A busy and productive day and that was just the morning.  I did hurt my back though, so I probably won’t be able to do much tomorrow.


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