Saturday-May 4,2013


Cymbopogon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunny, breezy and about 70o F.

I bought a new shelf for the greenhouse and put it together.  I combined it with the other shelf I had so that I now have 3 shelves, 2 of them have 3 shelves and 1 has 4 shelves.

I planted oregano, sage, and dill seeds and watered everything.

The herbs I planted on the 27th are coming up and the Rutgers tomatoes I planted on the 18th are coming up.  The other two types, Brandywine pink and ?, aren’t sprouting yet.

Everything I planted in the egg trays with regular potting mix is dead and I need to replace them.

Everything else is doing well.  They actually look like plants now instead of little seedlings.  Smile

I fed the birds and scoped out places for the bushes I’m getting; Goji Berry, Sweet Leaf Plant, Lemon Grass, and 2 Elderberry bushes.  I’m still not sure where they’re going to go.  Will do some more searching and planning with Hubby tomorrow.

It was a pretty good day because I got to play in the dirt and my back behaved.  Of course, I did take it easy.

My lilacs are blooming!  Yay!  There is nothing better than having my front door open and smelling the lilacs coming in on the breeze.  That is my bliss.



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