Sunday-May 5, 2013

Red hot poker

Red hot poker (Photo credit: magnuscanis)

English: Field near Balfour An old mill which ...

English: Field near Balfour An old mill which may become a crafts centre looms above the grassy hillside north-east of Balfour. In the foreground are the distinctive kochia or “red hot pokers”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Partly cloudy and 74o

It was a beautiful day!  In the afternoon, I started some more seeds; marigolds, cosmos, and Red Hot Pokers.  The marigolds will go by my tomatoes, the Cosmos are from National Home Gardening Club and Abbey liked the picture on the Red Hot Pokers when we were looking at seeds so I got them.  I’ve always liked how they look too, but have never bought any.

I also watered all the little seedlings and plants.  They dry out very quickly in the greenhouse.  I love the greenhouse.  It’s definitely doing it’s job!

I discovered a tree in my back yard that is flowering that hasn’t flowered in years.  Very exciting!  See my Project Optimism post called Hard Work Makes Me Happy on my other blog, Crazywonderfullife.  That post will be up later, if it’s not already.

Everything is greening up nicely and my back is feeling somewhat better, so I’ll be doing more on Monday.  Nice weather for most of the coming week.  Yay!  Smile


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