Sunday-May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!  I can’t believe I completely missed Friday and Saturday.  Obviously, nothing of any consequence happened those days.

Today we got the rest of the wood for my raised beds and John built them and put them in place for me.  He filled three of them with the black dirt that I had delivered the other day.  I need to order more because I still have 4 more beds to fill.  3 in the main garden and 1 for strawberries.

He even re-tilled the garden before he put them in place and made it a little bigger so that I would have plenty of room to walk between the beds.  Smile  I feel so loved!  He worked very hard on that most of the day.

Today’s weather was sunny and 60s (low to mid).

I found Friday’s post in my drafts waiting to be published to I did that first.  I think I saved it wanting to write more, but I didn’t.  No frost Friday night, but light frost Saturday night.  No damage to anything.



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