Tuesday-May 14, 2013

Weather today is sunny and 92o

I filled the strawberry bed with dirt today and planted my strawberries.  I hope they make it.  They were pretty dry.  While I was pulling the weeds, I found a cute and cuddly surprise….a baby bunny in a nest.  When I went inside, my doggy also found it and dug up the whole bed.  The bunny buried itself mostly and lived.  I found it with it’s head stuck in the dirt wall and covered by its fur and leaf blanket.  I put it in a tunnel that was still there and covered it back up.  I hope mama doesn’t abandon it, it’s very small still.

I also planted Yellow Finn potatoes, Beauregard sweet potatoes; red, white, yellow and bunching onions; spinach and lettuce, and 3 each of echinacea and calendula.  After I planted everything, I gave it all a good watering.  Everything I planted today is in the two beds with the empty one between them.

I took a couple of pictures of my new raised beds:


My little joke of the day is that the dirt I bought really has a lot of clay in it:


Those are actual shards of clay pottery that I found in the dirt!  I thought it was kind of funny, but no one else has laughed so far.

I also watered all my little sprouts and seedlings today.  They are coming along nicely.  My Columbine are blooming today and my back is holding up just fine.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm one, but I’ll be selling items at the town market…..right after I make them tonight.


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