Thursday-May 16, 2013

Today is sunny and 81o at noon with a light breeze.

I watered all my greenhouse plants and brought them outside for the day.  I have a couple of tomatoes that survived my first planting in the house that are really getting big.  The rest of them are coming along nicely and will be ready to plant in a couple weeks, just when the time is right.

The peppers are doing well also.

My herbs are taking their own sweet time sprouting and growing though.  That’s what I’m most looking forward to!

I fed the hydrangea, hibiscus and rhododendron bushes this morning and watered the roses.  I didn’t feed the roses because they all have flower buds on them and the bag says to feed before they bud, during the first flowering and once more after that.  I will wait and feed them when the flowers open.  I can’t wait to take pictures of them and show you what happens when someone tells me I can’t do something.  My old neighbor told me that I would never get roses to grow here.  Hah!  It’s taken a lot of work and many years, but by golly they are going to be fantastic this year!

I am getting four more yards of black dirt delivered today to finish filling my beds.  Yay!

I still haven’t decided where to  put the Stevia, Goji, Lemon Grass, and Elderberries, but I’m getting closer.  Need to talk it over with the guy who drives through the yard.  I walked around looking for good spots and found a few.  That also led me to mentally designing a new garden, as if I don’t have enough on my plate!  I also need to talk to the guy who drives through the yard, and mows, and tills all the grass under when it’s finally growing about that garden.

Till tomorrow,( get it, “till”?)

That was bad, I know.



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