Sunday-May, 19, 2013

Mint leaves.

Mint leaves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Herbs: Thyme, oregano and rosemary

Herbs: Thyme, oregano and rosemary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunny and high of 90o

This morning we had some shopping to do and I bought 3 herbs that I don’t have, hot and spicy oregano, lemon thyme (yumm!), and orange mint.  I love trying different spices.  I wanted lemon thyme because I had it last year and loved it.  I had never heard of hot and spicy oregano, but the tag said it was good in Mexican dishes which I love!  Our area is known for growing mint.  As a matter of fact, on Father’s Day weekend there is a Mint Festival is a nearby town.  I like trying all the different kinds of mint.  In my other blog, Crazywonderfullife, I mentioned last summer that I found spearmint growing wild in my yard.  That was really exciting.  I also have a ton of catmint.  I had to try the orange mint.  I also saw several other kinds that I had never heard of including sweet mint and grapefruit mint.  I may have to go back and get those.  Winking smile

When we came home I watered the plants in the greenhouse, planted the orange mint in a hanging basket and hung it up, and filled another 4×4 raised bed with dirt and planted the oregano and lemon thyme in it.  I also planted some peas in the garden and transplanted the goji and stevia into large planters for now because I can’t decide where to put them in the yard.  I planted the lemon grass out front at the end of a split rail fence that marks our property line.  I did decide on a place for the elderberry bushes though.  I’ll plant them tomorrow.

I have four things that haven’t sprouted yet in the greenhouse, coriander, rosemary, delphinium and tritoma.  I’m a little disappointed, but maybe they’re just slow growers.  I have more seeds for each of them so I can start over if I have to.

That’s all for today!



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