Wednesday-May 22, 2013

Weather was fickle today.  The temperature was consistent in the upper 70s, but it couldn’t make up its mind to rain or be sunny so it did both all day.  I would call it mostly cloudy and overcast though.

Greenhouse plants look good, the ones that are growing at least.  Onions are doing phenomenally well, lettuce and spinach are sprouting and I believe the peas are as well.  This morning I noticed that the sweet potatoes are getting new leaves….and my husband doubted me.

The tomatoes that I planted are standing up straight and tall.  I think they are happy to be able to stretch their roots!

New purchases:  seeds

  1. Cabbage (Red Acre) – Burpee (Organic)
  2. Chives (Garlic) – Burpee (Organic)
  3. Swiss Chard (Red and White Mix) – Burpee (Organic)
  4. Canterbury Bells (Cup and Saucer Mix) – Burpee
  5. Nasturtium (Jewel Mix) – Burpee

5 Responses

  1. I have a question for you–do you know how to keep cats from using your garden as a litter box? (without having to put up a barrier or a barrier that is not expensive)

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