January 13, 2014

Well, I did not do well with this last year.  Probably because I sort of lost interest in my garden, and yard.  Ugh!  My garden actually grew pretty well, but I need to reduce the amount of plants and seeds so that my beds(and myself!) don’t get overwhelmed again.  I was so excited to grow 2 pumpkins to full size.  That was a new feat for me!  I had a ton of onions, but they were all very small.  I only ended up with a few potatoes, also small.  I think I tried to cram too many into too small of a space.  I also had a bumper crop of apples, but they were also small.  I just read an article that says to reduce the bunches to about 3 each so that the apples grow bigger.  Now I know.

I will take the lessons I learned from last year and apply them this year and see how it turns out.  I’m just starting to go through seed catalogs so stay tuned.

Just waiting to be planted...

Just waiting to be planted…


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