Seeds Are Ordered

I finally ordered my seeds on March 15. I ordered from RH Shumway this year. I was going to order from Burgess seed company, but I saw so many bad reviews that I changed my mind. It cost about $40 more from this company, but they have a lot of organic seed and a much larger variety so naturally I found more seeds that I wanted. I’m trying a few different things this year. I am not doing onions or potatoes because I didn’t have much luck with either of them last year. I am trying celery for the first time this year.

I ordered a bunch of different herbs so that I can grow some in my herb garden and still have a bunch on my deck in pots. I really missed that last year. I need to buy my seed starter soil and get everything ready for when my seeds arrive, hopefully soon. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


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