About Gardengirl

Hi, my name is Julie, or you can call me Gardengirl. I garden in the Midwest United States in Indiana.  I am in USDA zone 5.  I have loved to garden for many years, but am getting more adventurous with it now.   I started some vegetable seeds this year instead of buying plants and I got a greenhouse which I have wanted for many years.  I have another blog on WordPress called Crazywonderfullife where I write about all of my hobbies and a lot of wonderful miscellaneous musings.  You can catch up with some of my past gardening endeavors there if you’d like.  I have a page called Market Day that is all about gardening.  I will still post to that page once a week on Wednesday.  This is a new blog about my adventures in gardening.  It will serve as my gardening journal because I’ve neglected my paper journal, but feel that it’s important to document my steps in becoming a better gardener.  I will post here every day even if it’s just to give a weather report or say that I have nothing new to report.  Follow along if you want or just visit me occasionally.  It’s up to you.  I get a lot of joy and peace from gardening and I hope you do too.

Happy Sowing!




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