A Little Before and After



This is a boring rock “garden” on the side of my house.  Last year I planted succulents there and it looked nice, but still boring.  This year we tore out a pond and I have several pieces of flagstone that I need to find something to do with.  A walking path to the lonely planter of coleus in the back is what I decided on for some of them. I also added a few succulents again.  Unfortunately, they are not perennial here so I have to buy new ones every year.  Here is the after picture. I can’t do too much yet because my husband has to tear some of that up to install gas and electric to his new garage.  I really like how it has turned out so far though.



It’s really hard to see the succulents, but they will grow.  The stone path made such a huge difference though. It’s hard to believe.  I also added a couple of yuccas from another part of  my yard to the top of the wall to make it look more tropical or desert-like.  I think that wall with all the moss growing on it would make a great backdrop for a fairy garden too!  The ideas they are a flowin’ this year!

Happy Gardening!



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