Friday-May 31, 2013

Cloudy and 77o today.

I forgot to mention that on Wednesday I also pulled up a bed of poison ivy.  I was very careful and covered my whole body with something even though I’ve pulled all of this before with my bare hands.  Yep, I didn’t know it was poison ivy at the time.  I usually only get a few small itchy blisters and then it goes away anyway.  This morning as I was sitting on the deck having tea and reading, I reached up and scratched my nose and felt some bumps.  The only part of me that wasn’t covered was my face and that’s where it got me.  Thank goodness we have remedies handy and I immediately used them.  It shouldn’t be too bad.  Not itchy at all at least.

What did I do today?  I planted my two elderberry bushes finally.  One on either side of the driveway.  York on the west side and Nova on the east side.  I also cleaned out one area next to the stairs.  There is a giant burning bush there and a small weigela with white flowers.  Some ground cover and ferns were also vying for attention there, but they had to go.  It looks much better now, but I have plans to change this area over the summer…..I hope.

I also took a lot of pictures of my yard and garden.  I’ll try to post them later today when my husband isn’t complaining about me being on the computer “all the time”.  He should see me when he’s not home!  I’ve barely posted anything this past week!

That was not very matter of fact and straight forward, but oh well.  Have a great day!


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