Sneaky Weeds

I was told a long time ago by someone who shall remain nameless, because I have no idea anymore who it was, that weeds grow near plants that they resemble.  This gives them a better chance at survival because you’ll leave them alone believing that they are a plant and not a weed.  I have seen several instances of this in my own gardens, one just a few days ago when I had the opportunity to work outside between rainstorms.  I missed getting pictures of my actual plants, but I’ll show some from the internet.


The picture above on the left is a weed that is very common in my area and in farm fields and it happens to look a whole lot like snapdragon foliage when they are both young.  My husband “helped” me last year and weeded all the flower beds.  I knew it was a bad idea, but it needed to be done and I wasn’t going to get to it.  I now have a bed of these weeds where I used to have snapdragons.

Those, I’m used to and can tell apart with ease now.  The new one that I found looked very much like astilbe foliage.  I got really excited at first because I thought most of my astilbe plants had been fatally mashed into the dirt from being run over.  You see, I had it on a corner of a garden bed next to the driveway and where my kids park their vehicles.  For some reason that corner could not be avoided by one of them.  Even the raised landscaping brick was buried.   Anyway, I was really excited to see several baby astilbes growing when I was working in that area the other day.  Then I found the real thing.  After comparing the two for a good while, I decided that they were not the same and one must be a weed.  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have a bunch of babies, but I did find a good number of actual astilbe seedlings so it brought my spirits back up.  The only difference is the astilbe foliage is slightly darker and much more pointy on the leaves

I also have fake strawberry plants.  They look just like strawberry plants, but they aren’t.  I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you that, especially since I don’t have pictures.  Just be aware and always double check what you are about to pull as a weed if you have any doubt.

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